Moms in Law School Program

This program will help single moms through the "Moms in Law School Program" to provide scholarships to single moms in Florida law schools to help pay for tuition, books, living expenses, and child care as they improve their lifestyle to benefit their children. A fundraising campaign was launched as of January 2018. The application period will open in August 2018 and awards will be made by a selection committee in January 2019. #momsinlawschool #donate #childrenfirstfoundationusa #goodworld

Projects and Programs

Wings for the Single Mom

Mission: To provide cultural outing and travel opportunities to single mothers and their children to encourage educational and intellectual development. 

Theme Based Education

Mission: To promote and implement theme based education curriculums in local schools to enhance intellectual capacity and critical thinking and encourage creativity.

Family Squad

Mission: To inspire and promote a sense of wellness, happiness and positive values to bring individuals, single moms, families, businesses and communities closer together. 

Empathy & Human Rights

Mission: Promote and implement human rights education in after care and summary programs in local schools and programs.

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