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May 2011 - Shine a Light on Human Rights with the Dalai Lama

Executive Director, Maria Santi, was 1 of 10 Human Rights Activists chosen nationwide by Amnesty International to attend a Private Reception with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in Long Beach, California, May 4, 2011 as Amnesty International presented His Holiness with the Shine a Light on Human Rights Award.

June 2011 - Tile & Inspire

On June 1, 2011, Ms. Maria Santi's entry in the KLM Tile & Inspire competition was selected to appear on KLM's plane by the KLM Tile & Inspire Team! This tile together with those of almost 4000 other winners were reproduced on a real KLM Boeing 777-200.

On 15 June, 2011, this special plane took off for destinations all over the world where everyone was able to see and read the winning tiles with their inspirational messages. Ms. Santi's inspirational message reads - "Together we can be and do more" and travels around the world on KLM's Boeing 777 inspiring hundreds of thousands of KLM travelers everywhere:

April 2009 

Family Squad was continuously promoted on Univision Radio to inform the community about an upcoming educational event dealing with legal, mental health and financial issues for single moms. 

March 20, 2009 

Wings for the Single Mom was featured on the WQBA Bernadette Pardo radio show

March 2009

Wings for the Single Mom mentioned on the Javier Romero show on Amor 107.5 FM 

Spring 2008

Wings for the Single Mom featured on La Alfombra Roja with Ileana Garcia


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